Clients today demand practical and logical solutions that can be implemented without many hassles. Every industry throws up a different set of challenges, and as our clients' IT solution providers; it is our duty to make our solutions work for them. Industry orientation, therefore, comes to us as a natural choice as our focus has always been on helping our clients see their investments in IT pay off.

Domain competence and technical process go hand-in-hand at Hilton. Widely recognized industry experts head our Strategic Business Units. The foundation of our domain expertise lies in the long years of experience in delivering IT solutions to a wide range of industries. It is our constant endeavor to upgrade the quality of solutions we provide by enhancing our functional understanding of the focus industries. Our industry experts are always on their toes to keep abreast with the latest trends in the industries, and are actively involved in all the stages of the projects, including the initial system studies and solution design.

Our emphasis on delivering total value through a combination of industry knowledge and technology is summed up in the following solution methodology:

  • Detailed understanding and pro-active recommendations for industry-specific challenges.
  • Developing industry-specific solution frameworks targeted at clients' unique needs.
  • Involvement of experienced cross-functional consultants that interpret technical know-how in the context of the industry.
  • Use of pre-engineered components to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with solution implementations.

Health Care

The biggest challenge faced by the Healthcare IT industry is to provide high quality of patient care in a strictly regulated environment. So, today's health care providers are looking for new ways to improve the quality of patient care and cut costs, while enhancing patient satisfaction. This is where Hilton has immense value to offer to the healthcare providers and the healthcare IT vendors alike.

Our state-of-the-art healthcare information management services have benefited hospitals and other healthcare organizations worldwide. At the same time, our functional and technical experts have helped many a healthcare IT product company in conceptualization to developing and delivering the product. Some of the best products in this industry are developed and supported by Hilton.

Hilton offers a unique blend of consulting expertise, proven project methodologies, cost effective solutions and outstanding attention to quality and customer satisfaction. This, along with a high degree of functional expertise including specialized areas such as HIPAA and DICOM differentiates us from the lot. Our support helps our clients ensure that their operations maintain the necessary focus on organizational priorities without the burden of managing a complex and unfamiliar new implementation process.

Our team has extensive experience in the healthcare areas:

  • Hospital Management
  • Clinical Practice Management
  • Medical Practice Management
  • Clinical and academic research


The Education sector works much the same way as any other industry. Both K-12 and higher education institutions are expected to provide ever better quality services. Limited resources make it difficult for them to serve the students and employees to their satisfaction. Our experts know the Education industry inside out, and understand the user needs as few others. Hilton, as a software solution provider to this industry, focuses on delivering complete, high-productivity, integrated software solutions.

The most remarkable feature of the present day educational institutions is that they are not limited by physical boundaries. Distance education and demand for remote access to real time data have revolutionized the way educational institutions look at information technology. Hilton provides answers to all these requirements.

Our solutions to the Education industry are aimed at bringing about the following advantages to the users:

  • Easy user access to real time data
  • Any-time, any-where access to the software applications
  • Small footprint requiring lower bandwidth
  • Ease of use and maintenance

Applications that have the above features invariably result in better user confidence and cost savings. We have been serving these clients for a number of years through our offshore-onsite services model and dedicated development teams.


The financial industry has been most significantly affected by the advent of the Internet. Incidentally, some of the first solutions we provided were for the Banking industry. Those were the years when banks in the US and the UK, followed by Hong Kong and Japan, had started going online. Intensified competition was leading to a number of mergers and acquisitions, necessitating the industry to look for high quality IT solutions that could be developed and deployed at lower costs. India was emerging as world's best outsourcing destination, and Hilton was among the first companies to focus on the financial services industry.

The services include consulting, detailed low-level system and requirement study, application development, product customization and implementation, migration services, integration through variety of delivery mechanisms including the onsite, offshore or the combination model.

Hilton provides a comprehensive range of IT services to the banking and financial services industry, which includes:

  • Defining user requirements and technical specifications, selecting and evaluating systems
  • Management of turn-key computerization projects
  • Management of business process re-engineering, technology migration and system implementation
  • Implementing management information systems, decision support system and data warehousing solutions.
  • Implementing packaged software solutions and system integration
  • Operational Outsourcing


The global insurance industry continues to undergo metamorphosis. Some challenges faced by the insurance providers are: decreasing customer loyalty, increasing service expectations, increasing competition, mergers & consolidations and increasing regulations. All successful insurance companies have a common trait - they invested wisely in technology and exploited the IT advances to the hilt. Further quality and cost benefits ensued when the trend to outsource to India caught on.

Much like any other industry, the IT spend in the Insurance sector is aimed at improving the customer service. The single biggest reason for the Insurance sector to resort to IT was the increased customer demand for a one-point contact, and Internet provided the perfect answer. Over the years, the amount of services outsourced to India by the Insurance sectors in the USA and the UK has increased manifold, and so have our focus on and expertise in this industry.

The three key areas in which we provide IT services to the Insurance sector are:

  • Consulting for IT strategy and optimization
  • System integration
  • Customer relationship management
  • Operational outsourcing

With our expertise and experience developed over a period of time, we offer customized offerings in the areas related to Auto, Property, Life and General Insurance. Our experts possess extensive knowledge of insurance industry needs both in business process and information technology disciplines. On the operational outsourcing front, we specialize in claim management, asset management and industry related financial analysis software.


The retail industry is always in a state of flux. A large number of customer and their demands, a growing list of locations, seasonal plans, and so on. The IT solutions for the retail industry must take into account these unique needs. Our deep understanding of the retail and distribution market enables us to offer flexible, powerful and scalable solutions. Our clients routinely report improved service and convenience, better customer retention, increased profits and smoother relationships with the business partners as some of the benefits they derived from our solutions.

We have extensive experience in supply chain systems and development of point of sale solutions to meet various international standards. Our Retail expert group has adopted the most efficient methodologies of delivering highly effective solutions. We offer a wide range of development, consulting, implementation and support services that are focused on the unique needs of this industry. The scope of our solutions includes:

  • Point of Sale (PoS) solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Customer Information Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Internet based procurement solutions
  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger & Payroll