At Hilton, we are well aware of the fact that the choice of technology is one of the most important decisions that determine the top/bottom line of an organization. To us, the technology of choice is the one that offers to manage all the known business risks. The exercise of recommending the right technology to our client is invariably a ritual, where our industry experts and technical brains get into the minutest details of the client's requirements, such as:

  • Business objectives
  • Current technical infrastructure, framework and standards
  • Process, organizational and technology capabilities for new applications/systems
  • Scalability of current systems to meet projected user demand
  • Risk mitigation planning processes and alternatives to preserve system/data integrity
  • Allocation of current and future IT budgets

Our wide technical skill set is a result of the vastly diverse solutions we have provided to a number of industries.
The types of solutions we provide can be broadly classified as:

  • Web-based
  • Client-Server
  • Midrange Systems

Microsoft Technologies

With its extensive experience in developing web-based, client-server, distributed and mobile applications, Hilton offers a world-class team that specializes in a wide range of Microsoft technologies. With the .NET platform gaining popularity, we have set up a dedicated .NET development group comprising software engineers, architects, and business analysts.

The fountainhead of our achievements in the Microsoft technology areas is our "MS Competency Group". It is a group of specialists that studies and analyzes specific customer requirements, and works out innovative solutions. The development cycles, processes and methodologies we follow are tailored to suit the customer's continuously changing requirements. We involve our customers in each stage of development and keep them continuously updated through various interactive development styles.

Some of the remarkable features of our solutions, especially in the realm of Microsoft technologies are:

  • Web Based Solutions: Our focus is on developing easily deployable solutions that have small footprints.
  • Multi-tier Client-Server Solutions: A rich user experience and high responsiveness of the applications are the basic considerations. We use client machine power wherever possible, reducing reliance on the server.
  • Multi-tier Distributed Solutions: Our Multitier Smart Client applications adopt a flexible multi-layer domain model, which provides for easy porting to HTTP and TCP environments. A truly distributed computing capability is achieved through .NET Remoting architecture and highly scalable stateless servers


Hilton has been engaged in many Java technology based efforts and has developed a core competency in the Java arena with a significant cadre of offshore and onsite offerings. We have a group of Java specialists with extensive design, project management and implementation skills.

Being a strong technology company, we have invested significantly in developing our Java competence. We have set up a Java Center of Excellence (JCOE) group in the organization, whose main aim is to develop skills on new Java related technologies and incorporate them in our solution offerings. The JCOE team consists of employees with exceptional skills in Java technologies and the ability to grasp new technologies fast.

We have extensive experience in successfully architecting and delivering large-scale J2EE solutions. Our expertise includes cutting-edge technology and the latest tools, to provide high quality solutions. Our main criteria in developing solutions are:

  • Easy deploy ability
  • Scalability
  • Robustness

Our Java teams are internally grouped based on their expertise in J2EE, J2SE and J2ME, respectively.

Legacy Systems

Modernizing legacy applications without compromising on their functionality is a great challenge. Low availability of trained resources in the local markets and lack of comprehensive documentation make the task all the more difficult. These are the main reasons why our clients engage us to take care of their legacy application maintenance or conversion needs. Our legacy system division has a large pool of trained consultants, functional experts and technical writers.

Maintenance of legacy applications through a blend of offshore and onsite services is our forte. We have also helped many a company in dealing with the issue of migrating their legacy application systems on to the Internet or other modern platforms. Our experts facilitate upgrades, modernization, migration transformation, system integration and web-enabling of various legacy systems.

The highlights of our Legacy Systems offering are:
  • Methodologies based on best practices
  • Liberal use of XML, XSL and Java for easy access to mainframe transactions
  • A pool of trained resources
  • Ability to create documentation from scratch
  • Experience in maintenance and conversion of a number of legacy systems
Services offered by us include:
  • Maintenance and enhancement of legacy systems
  • Migration to newer and more flexible architectures
  • Migration from mainframe to client/server architecture
  • Web enabling of legacy applications
  • Integration with other with other applications

Web Designing

Our main principle is an individual approach to every project. Our client can be sure that his project will have a unique design of high quality and in good taste.

Basing on the input data such as the site orientation, the information structure, the company's identity, and other relevant data, we form the design conception: color spectrum, fonts, navigation bars, texts and graphics layout.
Apply Designs gives you a professionally designed website layout that focuses on speed, easy navigation, and browser compatibility. Our website designs take advantage of functional tools and have a natural feel. The sites we create give the impression that your company or organization is like your website - easy to work with, customer oriented, and friendly.
When a browser arrives at your site, they do not want to be greeted by plain text on a dull background. Instead, they expect images and colors to brighten up and enhance the experience. Each of these graphic solutions is carried out in a professional manner, to the highest standard. Using the latest software we can create many different types of images and layouts, ensuring that they are perfectly suited to the style of your company and portray the right image. Our many years of experience have taught us many techniques for achieving the optimal results, and getting our creations to put across the exact image you require.